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Mozilla Firefox free Download If you thought the previous version of Firefox couldn’t get any faster, you were wrong. The latest release is faster than ever before, and its performance is nothing short of impressive in both highly technical benchmarks and everyday basic searches. Game players will love the fact that the latest version of Firefox allows them to play their favorite web-based games without losing the speed and performance associated with desktop and console versions. You don’t need to worry about checking for the latest security updates and uploading them to your browser. Firefox does all this for you, meaning you can have peace of mind that you are browsing the web fully safe and secure.

The latest version of Firefox contains more professionalization options and themes than ever before. Allowing you full choice and flexibility to create a web browsing experience that works exactly how you want it. Firefox doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to your online security. Featuring all the latest anti-phishing and anti-malware features, Firefox helps you to ensure the sites you visit are safe and prevents Trojan horses and spyware from getting near your computer.