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Computer Software Mozilla Firefox browser for free, open source web browser that offers many features and customization options. Its performance is excellent, and it is designed to protect your privacy. The features provided include the ability to synchronize browsing history. Firefox Download help, passwords and more on many devices. There are excellent on-page convenience, private view, PDF viewer and excellent security and privacy features. You can also add additional features by installing add-ons.

Firefox Download help

Firefox Download help

How to allow Firefox to load multiple tabs in the background ?

When you restart Firefox and restore your previous session, Firefox will wait until you select a tab before loading it. This Firefox runs faster and easier.

If you are loading many tabs in the background, then there is an older version of Firefox (Upgrading to version 47 or above in the options menu “Options are not loaded in the selected tab”), then your own Reset settings in an upload bus

You can change it back about yourself: Configure Preferences (advanced users only):

  1. In theaddress bar, type about:config and press Enter.
    • The about:config“This might void your warranty!” warning page may appear. Click I accept the risk! To continue to the about:config page.
  2. Search forsessionstore.restore_on_demand.
  3. Change the value tofalse.
  4. Close theabout:config tab to save your changes.

Note: Allowing Firefox to load tabs simultaneously can slow down its startup.

What do the SSLv3 error messages mean on Firefox?

With Firefox version 34, Firefox saves secure socket layer version 3.0 (SSLv3) from block so that your information can be prevented by attacks. SSLv3 is a type of technology that some websites use to connect to the server, it is no longer safe, which makes hackers in your connection to remove your personal information during connection

What happens when you access vulnerable sites?

When you try to access a site that only supports Secure Socket Layer Version 3.0 (SLV3), Firefox blocks it and displays a message, indicating that it securely connects it Unable to provide that firefox can not guarantee the security of your data on that website; SSLv3 uses broken security protocols
If you see this message, please contact the website owner so that they are aware of the problem.

Additional precautions

To further protect yourself from attacks, keep Firefox up to date. The simplest way to do this is to set up automatic updates:

  1. Click on the menu button, and then clickOptions.
  2. Click the Advanced panel, then click the Update tab, and make sure that automatically installs updates is checked.

Norton Toolbar is not working with Firefox. How to fix it?

By version 41, Firefox “Binary XPCOM” is said to be used by a small number of additional developers, stopped supporting an old and unstable technology. Mozilla has encouraged developers to update their plugins to keep them safe and compatible with the latest versions of Firefox (See Mozilla here also our companions article on Firefox).
Norton does not publish an important new information until the current toolbar works fully with Norton Firefox. Norton plans to announce in its forum, Norton’s initial announcement and latest status update) is also included.

Step you can take

  • The standalone Norton application will continue to work without the toolbar. Use the features within the Norton application and if necessary uninstall the toolbar. Reinstall it when Norton releases a fix.
  • Continue using the latest version of Firefox for the most stability and security.Do not use an older version of Firefox.
  • Identity Safe users:Use Identity Safe directly in your Norton product, or visit in a new tab. From your Norton product or the Identity Safe site, you can view your logins and copy/paste your usernames and passwords. You can also access your address and wallet items.

After Updating Firefox if your Mac is not shutting Down then Follow the step to fix it!

Firefox version 44 is a known issue that prevents shutting down the computer after some Mac users to upgrade version 45. This is a known issue and we are working hard to fix it.
For immediate solutions, you can type the following commands to turn off your computer requires some knowledge of the terminal program ():

  1. In the Spotlight Search, search for Terminal.
  2. This will open up the Terminal window. You will see: ~ <username>$in the Terminal window.
  3. Type in or paste the following and press enter:

“sudo killall launchservicesd && sudo killall Dock”

How to recover lost bookmarks on Firefox Developer Edition?

When you first launch the developer version of Firefox, you create a new profile without your existing bookmarks, site preferences, or browsing history. Learn to keep your bookmarks and keep your preferences updated in both the standard browser version and the standard version.

Option 1: Set up Firefox Sync on both editions

Sync your bookmarks by setting up Firefox Sync on both versions of the browser

Option 2: Turn off the option to use separate profiles

In the location bar, type about: Preferences and press Enter to know about it: Remove the check mark in front of the Firefox developer version and allow Firefox to run the preferences page at the same time

Firefox Download help

Getting Streaks, smeared lines or blurry web pages while scrolling on Firefox. Fix it!

There is a known problem in the Firefox 49 version, due to which images and text are written or used with some old graphics card scrolling along lines or background versions of lines, we can fix it in version 49 . In the meantime, to resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Type in about:config in your address bar.
  2. Look for the preference named allow-d3d9-fallback.
  3. Double-click this preference and change its value to false.
  4. Restart Firefox once for the setting to take effect.

How to fix hardware acceleration and Window Blinds causes Firefox to crash?

There is a known problem with windows crashing in Firefox. We are working with them to fix the problem. In the meantime, what you can do to use Firefox:

Option 1: Disable Window Blinds for Firefox

See Window Blinds Help article, How can I exclude a program from being temporarily dark? For instructions.

For Windows 8:

Click on “per application tab” and then click “Add …” Browse in place of .exe and select the problem In the window that appears under the “Total exclusions” section, check the check box “Unblock this app and touch it”

For Windows 10:

Open Window 10 Open Configuration Window:
Click on “per application tab” and then click “Add …” Browse in place of .exe and select the problem In the window that appears under the “Total exclusions” section, check the check box “Unblock this app and touch it”

Option 2: Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox

To turn off hardware acceleration:

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
  2. Select theAdvanced panel and the General
  3. UncheckUse hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Click the menu button and then click Exit  .
  5. Start Firefox the way you normally do.