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Why SSL Connection Errors With The Solution

SSL connection error “Secure”, it is an Internet Security Protocol that protects the user’s privacy when surfing the Internet.

Most banks, social media, and e-commerce sites use SSL certificates like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, PayPal, (our very own) Techchor and others’ choice to protect the personal, financial and other important information of users or shoppers if you Have seen, I mentioned HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) mentioned in above-mentioned websites, not a normal HTTP

When a website prefixes with HTTPS, it means that it uses Internet secure protocols, SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security).

This contact is not trustworthy
Your connection is not private
The site’s security certificate is not trusted
SSL connection error and SSL protocol error
Server’s certificate is not trusted

Step to fix SSL Connection Error

Check Date and Time

In most cases, it is usually ignored to update your time and date in your current time zone. This should not be the time of the week, month or year or

advance. If your time is always reset in later years, then replace your CMOS (supplemental metal oxide semiconductor) battery it can be broken or faulty, because it is not working as intended.

Exclude SSL Protocol In your antivirus

Your antivirus can have a different description but it is almost identical. Just go to “Set up” → “Advance setting” → “Protocol filtering” → “SSL” → Do not scan SSL protocol
In some cases the conflict between antivirus and encrypted data is compulsory. If this method has solved your SSL error, then try to update Chrome and Firefox, your antivirus and operating system. Clear your browser data and enable your SSL scanner again.

If you enable the SSL scanner after updating your browser, antivirus, and OS, the problem is to disable it again, browse only trusted websites and contact your antivirus vendor about it.

How To Export and import the website’s SSL certificate

Step 1-

  • Click on the “padlock icon” → “details” → “view certificate”.

Step 2-

Select the “details” tab click “copy of the file”. Follow the wizard up to finish.

Step 3-

In Firefox, you must follow the same procedure by clicking on the “padlock icon”. There is no wizard in Firefox, but there is an export feature. Remember that where you saved the SSL certificate

Step 4-

Import the SSL certificate by clicking “option” → “advance” → “view Certificates import.

Step 5-

Restart the SSL connection error.

Firefox Latest Version Number

Firefox Latest Version

The latest version of Firefox is: 53.0.3

How to upgrade Firefox | Pennsylvania

If you already have Firefox but want to make sure that it’s up to date, follow our guide which will show you how to trigger Firefox to check for updates:

Downloading Firefox

If you don’t have Firefox installed, you can download it from the Mozilla Foundation’s website.

Firefox is a great web browser

Firefox was the first browser to really give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a run for its money back in the early 2000’s and made popular a number of internet paradigms we take for granted these days.

For a fascinating description of the rise of Firefox’s popularity and the struggle for browser dominance in the 1990s and 2000s, check out the Wikipedia page on Browser Wars.

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Download mozilla thunderbird

Download mozilla thunderbird The Firefox project began as AN experimental branch of the Mozilla project by Dave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt, and painter Ross. They believed the business necessities of Netscape’s support and developer-driven feature creep compromised the utility of the Mozilla browser. To combat what they saw because the Mozilla Suite’s software package bloat, they created a complete browser, with that they meant to interchange the Mozilla Suite. On April three, 2003, the Mozilla Organization declared that they planned to alter their focus from the Mozilla Suite to Firefox and spirit. The community-driven Sea Monkey was shaped and eventually replaced the Mozilla Application Suite in 2005.The Firefox project has undergone many name changes. it absolutely was originally titled Phoenix, that carried the implication of the legendary firebird that rose triumphantly from the ashes of its dead forerunner, during this case from the “ashes” of browser Navigator once it had been killed off by Microsoft web adventurer within the “First browser war”. Phoenix was renamed thanks to trademark problems with Phoenix Technologies; the replacement name, Firebird, aggravated AN intense response from the Firebird info software package project. In response, the Mozilla Foundation declared that the browser would forever bear the name Mozilla Firebird to avoid confusion. once any pressure, on Feb nine, 2004, Mozilla Firebird became Mozilla Firefox.