Firefox OS app development

Firefox OS App Development may be a multi-tab note taking answer for Firefox and spirit that employs the integrated bookmarks system or one SQ lite information to store notes. That is, if you have already got either a bookmarks synchronization add-on (e.g.: XMarks) or a file synchronization code (e.g.: Drop box, Sugar Sync, Syncplicity), your notes are synchronized mechanically, no additional setups!
It is extremely counseled to use Xmarks to synchronize Fire Fox Notes
✓ Multiple tabs
✓ Auto-save
✓ Spell check
✓ writing board management
✓ Encrypt/Decrypt Notes
✓ Auto-copy and Paste on middle click
✓ Store to “Archive” (to free tab space)
✓ Pop-up when X seconds upon Firefox begin
✓ Email notes
✓ Print notes
✓ Insert special symbols
✓ Google word suggestion/calculator
✓ Import and Export to Ever note, Google Docs, Simple note, Dropbox or Sugar sync.

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