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What good is that super fast Internet connection when your browser is running at dial-up speed? This article will point you in the right direction to track down and fix the problem. Of course, if you need extra help with any of this, we have a community of volunteers standing by.

Update Firefox

We’re constantly improving Firefox. The latest version is faster than ever before and contains fixes for many problems that could slow down your Firefox. 

Update your video drivers

Having outdated drivers might slow down performance. See your manufacturer’s instructions on how to update your video drivers.

High hardware resource usage

If a monitoring tool shows you high hardware resource usage.

Firefox hangs or stops responding

If Firefox freezes and gives you the spinning wheel and turns white.Try fix firefox hangs or not responding.

I get a Warning Unresponsive script error

“Unresponsive script error”? What does that even mean?

Firefox may give you a “Warning: Unresponsive script” prompt that says “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.” This article describes why this could happen and possible solutions and workarounds.

Webroot Spy Sweeper

Webroot Spy Sweeper can cause this problem. Disabling Spy Sweeper’s Tracking Cookies feature (or disabling Spy Sweeper altogether) can solve the issue.

Letting the script run longer

If you find that pressing the Continue button brings up the same dialog again, letting the script run longer won’t help you; it will just make Firefox hang for longer. However, if you can use Firefox normally after pressing Continue, then the script may just needs extra time to complete.

To tell Firefox to let the script run longer:

  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter.
    A warning page may appear. Click Accept the Risk and Continue to continue to the about:config page.
  2. In the about:config page, search for the preference dom.max_script_run_time, and double-click on it.
  3. In the Enter integer value prompt, type 20.
  4. Press OK.

With scripts now allowed to run for longer times, you may no longer receive the prompt.

If you still receive the prompt (or if you want to see it again), you should set that preference back to the default value.

  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter.
    A warning page may appear. Click Accept the Risk and Continue to continue to the about:config page.
  2. In the about:config page, search for the preference dom.max_script_run_time.
  3. Right-click on it and choose Reset.

Error happens when accessing certain websites

If the error happens only on a specific website, you can block scripts from running on that website. Many sites still function even if scripting is disabled.

  1. Install the JavaScript Toggle On and Off extension.
  2. Click the menu button  , click  Add-ons and select Extensions.
  3. Find the JavaScript Toggle On and Off entry and click the Options button.
  4. Scroll down to the Black-list text box and enter the URL of the site that’s giving you problems.
  5. Click Save. The domain name of the site will be added to the list.

Now that the problematic site has been blocked from running scripts, it will no longer cause unresponsive script warnings.

Firefox takes a long time to start up

Change the home page

Problems with a website can cause Firefox to take a long time to start. Try changing your Firefox home page to the default home page or a blank page.

Check your antivirus software

Firefox reads a number of files normally during startup. Some antivirus software may do intensive scans of each of these files during startup and block access until those scans complete. If the problem began after installing, updating, or reconfiguring your antivirus software, contact the software provider for assistance.

Troubleshoot extensions or themes

Firefox loads extensions when it starts up and many extensions add startup tasks.

Optimize Windows

Speed up Windows and make your computer work better. 

Check if you have malware on your computer

To resolve slowness problems not specifically mentioned above, you should scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malware.

Malware is short for “Malicious Software”. It is a term generally used for software installed on your computer that is designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of. This article describes what common symptoms are and how to prevent malware from being installed and get rid of them.

How do I know that my Firefox problem is a result of malware?

Symptoms are various and depend on the malware but if you have one or several of these behaviors, you may have malware installed on your computer.

  • Some ad popups display all the time, although you’ve blocked popups.
  • Your searches are redirected to another site in order to feed you content from that website and you are being disallowed from blocking them. 
  • Your home page has been hijacked. For more information on setting your home page.
  • Firefox never finishes loading or can’t load certain websites.
  • Firefox crashes or hangs a lot.
  • Firefox does not start.
  • Problems with connecting to Facebook
  • Firefox keeps opening many tabs or windows
  • Unwanted toolbars have been installed

Optimize Windows

Speed up Windows and make your computer work better. 

Block unneeded content

Content you don’t need such as ads or tracking scripts can significantly slow down page loading. Firefox’s built-in Content blocking can make the pages load faster by preventing third-party trackers from loading.

There are also Firefox add-ons that can block content you don’t need, such as:

  • The Disconnect add-on blocks invisible webpage parts that track you online.
  • The uBlock Origin add-on blocks ads, trackers and other unneeded content while using less memory and CPU resources than other adblockers.
  • The NoScript add-on allows you to selectively enable and disable all scripts running on websites.

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