Mozilla Firefox Help and Support

Mozilla Firefox Help and Support | Oregon

Set or change your home page

We will show you how to automatically open a home page when you launch Firefox, or click the Home button.

  • Open a tab with the web page you want to use as your home page.
  • Drag and drop that tab onto the Home button
  • Click Yes to set this page as your home page.

Tip: More home page settings are available in the Options window

  • On the menu button, click the new Fx menu, select the option and then select the General panel.
  • From the drop-down menu you can show Firefox an empty page on startup or show all your windows and tabs from your previous session.
  • You can also set up multiple pages as your page: Open each page in a separate tab and click Use current page.

Restore the default home page

If you want to delete your home page customizations, this is how to do it:

  • Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.
  • Select the General panel.
  • In the Startup box under Home Page: click Restore to Default
  • Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved.

Firefox Latest Version Number

Firefox Latest Version

The latest version of Firefox is: 53.0.3

How to upgrade Firefox | Pennsylvania

If you already have Firefox but want to make sure that it’s up to date, follow our guide which will show you how to trigger Firefox to check for updates:

Downloading Firefox

If you don’t have Firefox installed, you can download it from the Mozilla Foundation’s website.

Firefox is a great web browser

Firefox was the first browser to really give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a run for its money back in the early 2000’s and made popular a number of internet paradigms we take for granted these days.

For a fascinating description of the rise of Firefox’s popularity and the struggle for browser dominance in the 1990s and 2000s, check out the Wikipedia page on Browser Wars.

Search Engine Firefox Support

Search Engine Firefox Support | Rhode Island

Add a Search Engine

Many websites offer search engines that you can add to your Firefox Search bar. This allows you to search that specific website directly from your Search bar.

  1. To add the site-specific engine, visit the website for your desired search engine. (We’ll use as an example.)
  2. Click the magnifying glass on the Search bar on your toolbar addsearch 40 , then click Add “YouTube
  3. The search engine will appear in your built-in search options.

Remove Search Engines

To remove a search engine, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass in the Search bar on your toolbar, then click Change Search Settings.
  2. Click on the search engine you don’t want.
  3. Click the Remove button to take it off your list.

If you remove a search engine that you added yourself and you change your mind, you’ll have to add it back again (see above). If you remove any of the search engines that come with Firefox by default, click Restore Default Search Engines to bring them back.